A Galactic Simulation for VR

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We're now accepting applications for alpha testers. Applicants should have access to an HTC Vive and robust gaming rig (GTX 1080+). Please use the form below to apply:

Up There is a VR experience still in development that brings the Milky Way into your livingroom or classroom. Explore over 100,000 nearby stars as they truly appear in 3D. Interact with any one of them to learn what it's made of, how it compares to the sun, what radio broadcasts it's receiving from earth, what planets we've discovered orbiting it and more.

The Galactic Query Console

Part synthesizer, part scientific instrument, the Galactic Query Console or GQC lets you filter and sort the stars however you like. While you can reach out and touch any individual star in the simulation to learn about it, exploring the galaxy by filtering out only certain types of stars teaches you a lot you can't learn from looking at individual suns.

The True Shape of the Galaxy

Dial in to just the hottest stars and see the edge on disc of the Milky Way take shape, or push the radius up to focus on only the most massive hypergiants. Toggle the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram view for any query to see where your stars are in their lifetime. Are they about to go supernova, or will they be around long after the sun burns out?

Guided Tours

If you're feeling daunted wandering the celestial planes without a guide, fear not! Choose from a number of guided tours of the galaxy that teach you about different kinds of stars, clusters, exoplanets and more.

Zero to 10,000 lightyears in 3 seconds flat

Use the GQC's Zoom Controls to travel faster than physics allows. Go from a view of our humble solar system all the way out to a view of the entire Milky Way. Find a star you like? Mark it as a favorite and then zoom into the earth scale view to see where it is in the night sky and go look at it in RR (real reality).

When can I buy it?

Up There is still in early active development, but we're hoping to have an alpha pre-release available in the beginning of 2017. It is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 on the HTC Vive. Follow me on twitter for development updates and be the first to know about the release.

Who are you?

Oh hi, I'm Charlie. I'm a programmer based in Somerville, MA. This is my first VR project, but my quadrillionth programming project. Up There had its beginnings as a Chrome Experiment I did a few years ago called Our Galactic Neighborhood. Learn more about my other projects at charliehoey.com, or say hi on twitter. Especially if you are an astronomer! I'm looking for willing volunteers with astronomy or cosmology backgrounds to help check my work.